History of the Statue of Liberty

General / 13 October 2019

The Statue of Liberty is the most historic and phenomenal building in America. This statue has even become an American icon that is in great demand by many people in the world. Coming to America is not complete if you haven't visited and taken a picture in front of the statue which is a symbol of freedom of American society. Although the Statue of Liberty has become an icon of pride. Not many people know how the statue was made. How the sculptor must try to find funds here and there so that this statue is able to stand. Following is the history of making the Statue of Liberty which is not widely known to many people around the world.

Initial Design of the Statue of Liberty
Discussing the history of the construction of the Statue of Liberty is inseparable from its maker, which is phenomenal. He was named Frederic Auguste Bartholdi and was a French citizen. Since childhood, Bartholdi loved the world of art, he had a profession of painters at a very young age. To express his fiery artistic spirit, he succeeded in making countless statues. One of the results of the hard work of Bartholdi done when he was 18 years old.

As he grew up, he joined the Franco-Prussian War. In this war he got the idea to make a statue with the theme of freedom. Finally the idea to create the Statue of Liberty was created. The initial location that will be used for its founding place is not America. Bartholdi, who was exploring Egypt and seeing the Sphinx, dreamed of erecting his grandest statue on the Suez Canal.

Very Heavy Collection of Funds
Collecting funds for the Statue of Liberty is very difficult. It could even be said to be a very impossible project. Bartholdi tried with his own strength to influence many people in France. He moved from office to office to collect the smallest amount of money. Strong criticism made by many people in France.

Nevertheless he still carried out this big mission. He asked for a large number of donations, until finally around 250,000 francs (equivalent to $ 750,000) were collected in 1879. From here he began to build many parts of the statue because he had received quite a lot of funds.

Making the Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty was made in France in 1876. Bartholi used all his abilities to make this great statue. The basic design of the statue is made of metal products from Gustav Eiffel which has succeeded in making the Eiffel Tower stand tall. From these strong metals, Bartholdi began to coat several parts with stones and began to carve them according to the designs that had been made.

For approximately 8 years he fought alone. When there is an exhibition he participates and shows the statue that is almost ready. From this exhibition he got a lot of money which will be used to complete this phenomenal project. Finally, in 1884, the Statue of Liberty which is a symbol of the liberty god Libertas was completed perfectly.

Fundraising in the United States
Most people only know that the Statue of Liberty was given by France to America as a gift. In principle it is almost true. This statue was made by French citizens and some of the funds were collected from donors. This was done because the French government did not approve this project until the funds did not go out. What's more, this statue costs a lot of money.

When the Statue of Liberty will be finished, Bartholdi wants to ask people in America to help him. Especially for settlement and also shipping. The cost is quite a lot, and this was rejected by the American government. They could not understand why only a group of rocks could have a very expensive price.

Finally there is a journalist named Joseph Putlizer who has a brilliant idea. He wrote an article that influenced citizens in America to contribute. Interestingly, everyone who donates, his name will appear in the newspaper. This strategy was successful and was able to make the Statue of Liberty sail away from France to America.

Establishment of the Goddess of Freedom in the Land of America
After a year of fundraising, finally in 1885 the Statue of Liberty was brought from France to America. This statue weighs tens of thousands of tons so it takes quite a long time to transport it. In America itself, the reception of this statue was carried out on a large scale. Many New Yorkers are willing to help in this project so they can immediately see the magnificent statue.

The preparation of the Statue of Liberty lasted quite a long time. From start to finish, it takes about 6 months. Finally on October 25, 1886 the statue was able to stand tall. In fact, the day after that was declared a national holiday. Many people from all over America witnessed Lady Liberty standing firm as a symbol of freedom in America.

Statue of Liberty in the Modern Era
In the modern era like now, the Statue of Liberty has officially become a mainstay tourist attraction in America, especially New York. Every year millions of people come from various parts of the world to enjoy the splendor of the female statue which is a symbol of freedom in America. This statue is proof that in the past there was a man who had the ambition to perpetuate a freedom on land that had long been colonized by Europeans.

Currently the Statue of Liberty is widely used for celebratory activities. Every July 4th (American independence day), this area will be crowded with many people who want to watch the fireworks. When the new year was the Statue of Li.

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