Material About Building a Beam Room

Tutorial / 22 June 2019

Net nets are the original form of building space that has been cleaved. Or another understanding of nets is a flat building which when linked will form a building space.


    From the definition of beams and nets above, it can be concluded that the nets of the beam are the result of a unit of wake which is a cleavage from a building in the form of a beam.

Characteristics of Beams

  1. Has 12 ribs
  2. 8 vertices
  3.  Consisting of 6 sides
  4. The entire angle must be right-angled;
  5. Has 12 diagonal fields and 4 diagonals in the form of building space

Properties of Beams and Beams

Following are the general characteristics of the beam :

  • Beams are composed of 3 pairs of the same side (a total of 6 sides).
  • Each side is rectangular, square or rectangular.
  • At least it must have 1 pair of sides with different shapes.
  • Has 12 ribs.
  •  The parallel ribs are the same size.
  • Has 4 diagonal fields.
  • Diagonal parallel planes have the same size.
  • Has 4 diagonal spaces and all have the same size.
  • Each diagonal field is rectangular.


How to make beam nets

To further strengthen the understanding of beam nets, we will try to practice making meshes.

  1. Take a box in the shape of a beam
  2. Cut the cardboard according to the pattern of the cube at certain points. Do not leave one side down and one side.
  3. Then you will get the form in the form of beam nets like the picture above.
  4. After we divide the cardboard box into a network of beams, we can see that the mesh networks are composed of 6 rectangles consisting of 3 rectangles that are equally large. Then

         ABCD rectangle is the same as EFGH.
         EHDA rectangles are the same as BCGF.
         ABFE rectangle is the same as DCGH.

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