Definition of Text Review and Examples

General / 21 June 2019

Definition of Review Text, Examples, Characteristics, Objectives, Structure and Rules - As academic people, we certainly have to read scientific works, including books. When we read a book, we must digest the reading book carefully so that we can understand its contents. On the other hand, we need to communicate our understanding in various forms for presentation or writing needs, such as research proposals, research reports, scientific articles, final assignments, or thesis. Therefore, students need the skills to review books.

Definition of Review Text quoted from

        Review text is a text that contains reviews, ratings or reviews of a work such as a film, drama, or a book. Text review also called reviewer. When reviewing a work, reviewers must be critical so that the results of the review can contribute to the progress of the work.

        Reviews can also be called reviews. Reviews are generally written in the form of articles, so the review text can also be called a review article, a review is a text that serves to weigh, assess, and critique the reviewed work or event (Gerot & Wignell, 1994; Hyland & Diani, 2009) .

Purpose of Review Text

Review text has several objectives, namely:

    Demonstrate the views or ratings of the reviewer of a work
    Provide information to the public about the feasibility of a work
    Helps the reader to know the contents of a work
    Provide information to the reader about the advantages and disadvantages of the work reviewed or reviewed
    Know the comparison of the work with other similar works
    Provide comprehensive information about a work.
    Tell and invite readers to reflect, think about and discuss the problems contained in a work.
    Give consideration to the reader whether the work is worthy of being enjoyed or not.
    Makes it easy for readers to understand the relationship of a work with other similar works.
    Give consideration to the reader before deciding to choose, buy and enjoy a work.

Example of FILM Review Text

Sink of Van Der Dijk Ship


Film Teng Sinknya Kapal Van Der Wijk or abbreviated TKVDW is an adaptation of the novel by Buya Hamka which was later filmed. The film stars several talented artists such as Herjunot Ali, Pevita Pearce, and also Reza Rahadian. The film is planned to be released on December 19, 2013 and you can watch it in your cinema immediately. The film, directed by Sunil Soraya, successfully became a best-selling film in 2013.


It was told, in 1930 Zainudin, played by Herjunot Ali, sailed from his native Makassar to Batipuh, Padang Panjang, which was none other than the birthplace of his father. He met Hayati (Pevita Pearce) who became a tribal interest in Minagnkabau. Zainuddin fell in love with Hayati and then gave words that could get her carried away in every word that was arranged by Zainuddin.

After seeing the romance of the film, the audience will then begin to show conflicts that have begun to emerge, such as when the relationship between Zainuddin and Hayati was not approved by the ninik-mamak and also tribal elders because it was felt that Zainuddin was still not established and had no Minang blood.

Before Zainuddin left Batipuh, both of them wrote a faithful pledge to live together one day. But the fact came back to Zainuddin when in an opera performance, he met Hayati who was then with her husband, Aziz. The second love story is now experiencing the most difficult period.

Evaluation :

This more than 2.5-hour film shows the artistic and property style of the 1930s. But it is less convincing that the event occurred that year. The most noticeable thing is the storyline that seems stark and there are some parts that are not very interesting at all, as can be seen in the scene when the characters Zainuddin and Hayati are correspondence. As a result, the conflicts that were obtained were less interesting, only some of them rose, but later became flat. Nidji's use of the backsound is less suitable to accompany this film, this is because the film is set in the 1930s while the song seems modern.

The special effect when the ship sank was considered normal and seemed rather forced. We can see when the Titanic sank, that is because it hit a reef, in contrast to the sinking of the van der Wijk ship which is not so clear what caused the sinking of the ship.

Summary :

Putting aside some of the shortcomings, this film is still interesting to watch. The use of the right words and the chic costumes of Samuel Wattimena made this film one of the best films of 2013. The use of poetic sentences makes this film interesting and you can make referrals to watch with your beloved family.

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