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Tutorial / 01 April 2021

Since it was first launched until now, Whatsapp has undergone many developments. One of the results of this development is the presence of Whatsapp Web. What is Whatsapp Web and how do I use it? Check out the following explanation.

Whatsapp itself has become a "mandatory" application on all smartphones. Almost everyone now uses Whatsapp to communicate. Not only interpersonal communication, communication for work and business needs also uses Whatsapp more.

Get to know the WA Web

Whatsapp Web is a Whatsapp feature that allows users to synchronize between smartphones and PCs or laptops, via browsers and applications. With this feature, you can operate Whatsapp without having to touch your smartphone.

The Whatsapp Web feature is very useful for those of you who more often use laptops and computers when working. So, you don't have to repeatedly check your cellphone to check and reply to Whatsapp messages.

Not only replying to messages, you can also send documents, pictures, and do many other things with Whatsapp Web. Although not all of the existing tools in the Whatsapp application can be accessed via Whatsapp Web, this feature has been very helpful.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who don't know about the existence of this powerful feature. The reason is because it is rarely used. Moreover, the number of people who often work using computers or laptops is still small in Indonesia.

Since the pandemic hit, there have been new regulations, namely work from home (WFH) and school from home (SFH). This makes some Indonesians work more using PCs or laptops. The use of the WA Web has also increased.

Whatsapp Web advantages

After getting acquainted with one of the Whatsapp Web features, you should also understand the points that are the advantages or disadvantages of this feature. There are four advantages of Whatsapp Web which will be explained below.

1. Save Time

Whatsapp Web will help you reduce the intensity of opening your cellphone to check and reply to Whatsapp messages. You can keep opening and replying to Whatsapp messages with your computer or laptop while you are doing work on that device.

2. Type Faster

To type on a cellphone, you may only be able to use two fingers, namely the right and left thumb. Meanwhile, with a laptop or computer, you can use 10 fingers at the same time. This means that typing speed is also higher.

The time you need to type long messages will be shorter when using Whatsapp Web. Therefore, using WA Web is highly recommended for those of you who want a fast response.

3. Light weight

As the name suggests, Whatsapp Web uses a web page base so that it can run more lightly. The app version of Whatsapp Web is equally lightweight. So, the choice is yours, whether to use the website or application version.

4. Send Files Directly from Computer

Those of you who often send files in the form of documents via WA chat are highly recommended to use Whatsapp Web.

By opening WA Web via a laptop or PC, you can send a file or document directly without having to move it to your cellphone first. But not infrequently Whatsapp users also take advantage of this feature to move files from cellphones to laptops and vice versa.

Weakness of Whatsapp Web

The saying goes that there is no ivory that is not cracked. That is, all things must have flaws or defects. The adage also applies to Whatsapp Web. This WA feature also has the following weaknesses.

1. Very Dependent on Smartphones

To use Whatsapp Web, users must scan a barcode. After that, Whatsapp Web will run after connecting to the application on the smartphone. Whatsapp web can indeed be opened on a computer but cannot run alone.

WA Web is very dependent on the WA application on the smartphone. For example, when a smartphone is not connected to the internet, Whatsapp Web cannot be used even though the laptop is online.

Some users also have to always open the WA application on a smartphone if they want to stay connected to Whatsapp Web. If the screen is off or the smartphone is locked, the connection between Whatsapp Web and the application is also lost. However, incidents like this are quite rare.

2. Drains the Smartphone Battery

Because it is very dependent on cellphones, activating WA Web will actually drain the battery faster. The reason is, cellphones are required to work twice as much, namely running Whatsapp as well as making continuous updates to maintain synchronization with Whatsapp Web.

3. Mandatory Stable Internet Network

As explained in the previous point, the operation of Whatsapp Web is very dependent on the Whatsapp application in the smartphone application. The signals on smartphones and laptops must also be stable to keep them connected.

If one or both of these devices does not have a stable internet connection, the synchronization process will also be interrupted.

4. Cannot Make Calls

Whatsapp is not only used for sending messages, but also for making voice and video calls. Unfortunately, Whatsapp Web still doesn't support the calling feature. So, you are forced to use a smartphone if you want to make calls.

Actually at this time Whatsapp Web already supports voice and video call features, but the devices that support it are still very limited because currently these features are still being tested in beta.

Tutorial Using WA Web

How to use Whatsapp Web is actually very easy. If you are familiar with the mobile version of Whatsapp, it will definitely not be difficult to operate WA Web. Before discussing the tutorial, you should first prepare a smartphone and laptop.

Don't forget to prepare a stable internet connection for both devices. This is important because Whatsapp Web will not be able to run without a smooth and stable connection.

Apart from the shortcuts in the form of key combinations as above, there are also other shortcuts for finding emojis. You can use the Search Emoji button then type the name of the emoji that will be used. This way, you can find emojis much faster.

WA Web has many benefits that you may not have known before. After understanding the explanation above, of course you already know the various benefits of Whatsapp Web and how to use it. No need to hesitate anymore, you can try it right now.

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