GB WhatsApp Apk

General / 23 May 2020

GB Whatsapp Apk is a modification application of Whatsapp which has many advantages and is equipped with various interesting features. In addition, the types are many and how to use them is very easy. Are you curious? Come, see the following complete information.

Latest GB Whatsapp Pro Apk Features

Unlimited Theme

The GB Whatsapp application has many types of themes and can be used free of charge. You can also create your own theme then share it with other users of the application. Another case with Whatsapp which has a limited theme, namely standard and dark.

Manage Multiple Accounts

When using standard Whatsapp, you can only manage one account on one smartphone. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the GBWhatsapp application to be able to manage two accounts on one smartphone.

Sending Large Capacity Files

When using the Whatsapp GB application, you can send video data up to 50MB and audio data up to 100MB. Another case if you use a standard application the maximum amount of data transmission both audio and video does not reach that number.

In addition, you can also send data on status with a large size. This makes it easier for you when creating video statuses. In the standard Whatsapp application you can only make 30-second video statuses. However, with this application you can make a video status of a maximum of 7 minutes.

Hiding Message Status

There are three types of statuses on Whatsapp, first check one that indicates that the smartphone owner of the number you have dialed is inactive. Second, check the two, which means the message you sent is in but not yet read. Third, check the two and blue which means the message has been sent and read.

The existence of this status can be detrimental to some people, especially for those of you who are not willing to chat. The solution is to hide the status in order to avoid problems. When you activate this feature, the status cannot be seen even if you have opened an incoming message.


Increased Media Amount

When you want to send photos via standard Whatsapp, in one sending the number is limited to a maximum of 10. This is certainly not effective if you want to send photos in large quantities.

The presence of the Whatsapp GB application provides the right solution because now you can send multiple photos at a time. The trial results prove that the application is able to send up to 90 photos in one delivery. Thus, you can save time and energy.

GBWhatsapp provides features that can be used to lock messages or applications. Thus, important messages on your smartphone can be kept secret. This feature can not be found in ordinary applications.

Downloading Status

You can't copy or download friends on Whatsapp. If you are interested in the status of one of your friends, both posters and videos, you should ask directly. However, with the GBWhatsapp application you can immediately save the status of your desired friends.

Replying to Automatic Messages

The existence of this feature really helps you to reply to messages automatically when you are busy. An example is you can set an automatic message to reply to chats above 11 pm. In addition, you can also tell that the owner is resting.

Customize Fonts

This feature facilitates you to choose different types of letters as you wish without having to root. This makes you more comfortable when chatting. The message you send is not monotonous.

Anti Banned

Anti banned is a feature that must be in the GB Whatsapp application. This is because the application is not official. The existence of this feature you can be calm because the account is safe and will not be blocked.