History of the Origins of the Prophet Adam

General / 13 October 2019

History of the origin of the prophet Adam who was the first human to live on this earth is found in almost all the holy books of all religions ranging from the Genesis books of the Jewish people, the Old Testament, the Book of Mormon, the Book of Iqans, to the Qur'an. According to the mythology of the creation of Womack from celestial religion, Adam was indeed the first human being created by God. In the narration in the Book of Genesis, Adam is said to have been made by Yahmeh-Elohim (Lord Yahweh, the god of Israel) even though the word "adam" itself is able to refer to the first human or human creation in general. The Christian Church's view is a bit different in their perspective about Adam's actions that violated God's rules where the consequences of neglect have a bad effect on human life going forward. In the teachings of Judaism and Christianity, the sins borne by Adam and Eve are different while in Islamic teachings, the sins they bear are the same. In the teachings of Islam also Adam managed to get an apology from God while Christianity continued to believe that forgiveness took place at the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. According to the Baha'i Religion, Islam, and some branches of Christianity, Adam was the first prophet. Next, let us see more information about the history of the Prophet Adam who has compiled a history collection from various sources.

Prophet Adam in the Book of Genesis
In the use of the word "Adam" itself has a variety of different explanations. The word "Adam" can be used as a name, and was first used as "Adamu" and recorded in the Syrian king's list. Its use as a noun in Hebrew means "man". Actually, the root of this word is not from the word which means "man" but from "a-d-m" which means "red" or "handsome". As a masculine noun, "'adam" means "person" or "human" and if used in a collective context changes to "human race". In the Kabalistik language, Adam also comes from the Hebrew language "Adame" which means "I am the same" which in this context is the same as God, which has freedom.

The Story of the History of the Prophet Adam appears in the Book of the Beginning as the word "adam" which is used in a variety of meanings including: collective (human), individual (male), not specific to gender (male and female), and men. According to the Jewish encyclopedia, its use in Genesis 1 is as a general word and in Genesis 2 & 3 the use between common and individual words is mixed.

The history of the origin of the prophet Adam - the first man - in Genesis 1 tells of how God (God) created humans namely men and women where their name is Adam. Adam used in that verse does not refer only to the prophet Adam, but Adam as a human being as a whole. It was only in Genesis 2 that the history of the Prophet Adam was specifically referred to as the prophet Adam, who was created from dust and breathed by the wind of life, making him a living being. Only then did God place the prophet Adam in the Garden of Eden and give him the command that all fruit from the tree in that place could be eaten except from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. God then said that it was not good for a man to be alone so God gathered wild animals and among them also did not find a suitable helper, because God made Adam fall asleep and took one of his ribs to create a woman named Eve.

The story that explains the story of the Prophet Adam continues when in Genesis 3, it is told that Adam was banished from Eden. In the story of the removal of the prophet Adam from Eden, the woman is believed to have been lied to by the snake to eat the fruit of knowledge that clearly opposes God's rules. God then asked for a dialogue with Adam and Eve using a rhetorical question that made him admit his mistake. After God completed the judgment of all parties involved in the incident, He sentenced them. History of the Prophet Adam entered into a new section where Adam and Eve had to work hard for the first time in search of food. According to the Book of Genesis also, he has 3 children from Eve namely Cain, Abel, and Seth.

The Story of the Prophet Adam in Other Religions
In Jewish history, according to records from the Rabbi and the Dead Sea Scrolls, Adam was a perfect human being before being banished from Eden. According to Jewish folklore, Adam's first wife was not Eve but Lilith who left Adam because she refused to obey him. Lilith left and did not return to the Garden of Eden after having an intimate relationship with Samael the Angel.

In Islam, Adam was believed to be the first human being to have direct dialogue with God, making him the first Muslim and prophet. One of the earliest Islamic hadith commentators wrote that at the time of Adam's creation, Allah sent Gabriel and Michael to take land from Earth which the Earth refused because the Earth threatened to complain to Allah if the two angels destroyed it, so the Angels returned empty-handed. The next angel sent by Allah is Izrail who then took the land from various regions, explaining why there are many different forms of humans. According to the author, Adam was still not dead until 40 days after God breathed life on him, and when he began to live, Adam was appointed as the leader of the lower beings, where Adam then named them one by one after God taught him. That is the history of the origin of the prophet Adam - the first man on earth - who is also believed to be the first prophet in Islam, their prophets are people who have the same belief about their submission to God.

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