The History of the Construction of the Eiffel Tower

General / 13 October 2019

Eiffel is one of the most famous buildings in Paris, France. Even since it was first built in 1889, the tower has been visited by at least 200 million people from various parts of the world. In 2006 alone there were more than 6 million people willing to come all the way to see this 325 meter high concrete structure.

Eiffel has a very long history of development to completion. Various problems have occurred in the tower which is currently used as a radio transmitter and also an observation. However, the Eiffel Tower actually transformed into a romantic icon of the world. Not a few films, fiction, and performances full of love held here. Let's get to know the Eiffel Tower inside by getting to know its history below.

Ideas and Plans for Making the Eiffel Tower

We all know Gustav Eiffel as the person behind this magnificent tower. Even the name of the tower took the name from the designer. Initially Gustav just wanted to build a tower in Barcelona. Unfortunately the plan he offered was considered very strange and the building did not match. In addition, the tower is also considered to be too expensive. Finally he failed to make any type of tower around Europe.

The idea of making the Eiffel Tower finally emerged from two of Gustav's men named Maurice Koechlin and Emile Nouguier. He was not at all interested at first. But once he saw the plan proceeding smoothly, Gustav began to take over. He also bought a patent from this tower until now known as the Eiffel Tower is very majestic and known to many people.

Mission to Build the Eiffel Tower

This tower was originally built for world exhibitions. The developer wants to make this tower a sign of the centenary of the French Revolution. This tower is a symbol of strength from France which is extraordinary. In the midst of the plight of Europe in the 18th century they were able to struggle and make a huge revolution. Even influential to many countries in the world.

Gustav Eiffel said that if the tower is also a symbol of modern science. Symbol of the development of world science from time to time. This tower is a sign where science lives with humans. That is why in this building there are about 72 names of scientists and engineers who are very famous in France.

Construction of the Structure and Shape of the Eiffel Tower

Construction of the structure of the Eiffel Tower began in early 1889 and only opened to the public on May 6, 1889. In the construction of the tower, about 300 workers were involved to manage the structure with a total weight reaching 10,000 tons. Workers had to fight hard to arrange 18,038 pieces of wrought iron and around 2.5 million rivets. After struggling for months, the building was completed with a height from the ground reaching 300 meters. Then coupled with the antenna to 324 meters.

The shape of the Eiffel Tower initially received a lot of criticism. Moreover, the structure is arranged in a form that has no artistic value. Even the bridge structure resembles a river. Gustav Eiffel said if this form was made according to mathematical calculations. The wind in the air was calculated so that the tower would not collapse even if it was made so high.

Opening of the Eiffel Tower and Its Effects on Residents

The Eiffel Tower was first opened in May 1889. At that time the tower was equipped with an elevator that would take visitors from the bottom to the top. This invited many tourists from various regions of France. Some even come all the way from the surrounding country just to see the City of Paris from a fantastic height. At that time being at an altitude of 300 meters was extraordinary.

Despite being a very strong attraction for some people, protests against the construction of this tower are often carried out. Many residents around are not happy with this tower. First, for fear that if at any time this building collapsed they could become victims. Then the second because it is an eyesore. This magnificent structure blocks many things in the air.

The same thing was also expressed by the artists in this city. They assume that this tower only makes the objects they draw disappear. But over time it was precisely the Eiffellah Tower which was the object of their drawing. Moreover, many tourists who come will increase sales of their paintings.

The function of the Eiffel Tower in the Modern Era

Although originally only used to commemorate a century of the French Revolution, this tower has now been transformed into one of the most admired towers in the world. Even Eiffel is France itself. Today the Eiffel Tower is known as the most visited tourist attraction in the world. Within a year more than 3 million people came here to enjoy the tower made by Gustav Eiffel.

Today the Eiffel Tower is used for radio transmitting towers. Lots of local news stations use this tower to reach all listeners throughout Paris. In addition, the Eiffel Tower is also used for observation, both weather and flights in France. When there are certain events such as Christmas, New Year, or the Olympics, this tower will be decorated with lots of lights. At night this tower will shine beautifully.

The Eiffel Tower is so loved by the people of France. They consider this tower is a tower of luck. If there is no Eiffel Tower, maybe not many tourists will come to this country.

Thus a brief description of the history of the construction of the Eiffel Tower. Hopefully this will benefit you all.

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