Seva Used Car No. 1 Owned by Seva.Id

General / 23 May 2020

seva mobil bekas - Times have experienced many changes, especially in the behavior of buying and selling goods. If in the past we had to go to the market, mall, or shop to buy something, now it's enough from home. Only armed with smart phones or laptops, various transactions worth tens of thousands to hundreds of millions can be done easily.

Seeing the trends and development of people's behavior who want this practicality, Astra finally launched a platform called in mid-2018. This conglomerate company wants to make it easier for many loyal customers who want to buy new cars, used cars, and get other automotive-smelling services.

Why Should

Many of us are rather apathetic about the online buying and selling applications that are out there. This happens because we feel insecure when making transactions. Moreover, the transactions reached hundreds of millions. Care must be taken.

Secondly buying products online for expensive items is quite risky on the authenticity of the product. Especially if the product is second hand. The possibility of damage will be large and it can be very detrimental.

If you use, such a thing will not happen for several reasons below.

This platform is clear who owns it. The management is a subsidiary of the conglomerate company Astra International.

Selling their own products, the quality is definitely maintained and checked directly.

Collaborate with dozens of authorized car dealers from Astra throughout Indonesia on the issue of shipping Seva used cars, new Seva cars and services.

Selling quality used products that have gone through strict checks. This type of car is in the Expert Options category which we will discuss fully below.


Various Products That Can Be Purchased on

Since it was first released in mid-2018, has started to be known by many people. Unfortunately many people think that this service is the same as Mobil88 owned by Astra. However, both of them turned out to be different even though they both sold used cars with perfect quality. emphasizes online sales and other online-based services that help customers get what they want. The types of products offered are also varied. To get to know more clearly what kind of products from see the following reviews.

New car provides various new product listings that have the best quality. The products offered come from brands whose sales in Indonesia are held by Astra. The products consist of Daihatsu, BMW, Isuzu, Peugeot, Toyota and UD Trucks cars. Products sold are generally the latest year with the most complete features.

Some of Astra's cars are also sold as Stock Clearance. This stock generally has an output year of 2019 or less. You can refer to the complete discussion about the stock washing warehouse in the next discussion at the bottom. In essence, this stock is still new, not defective or reject items, and has a cheaper price.

Used car

Used cars owned by come from many popular car brands in Indonesia, not only from Astra products. The cars sold here are generally of good quality, years not too old, and body and engine conditions are still perfect.

Some second hand cars in have gone through a very strict screening stage. This product is definitely safe to buy and has perfect quality. This type of used car products are included in the Expert Picks listing from


Spare parts or spare parts are very important when your car is damaged. With these parts the vehicle can be repaired perfectly and its function does not change. Things like this will be very different if you use counterfeit vehicle parts that have cheaper prices.

All cars included in Astra products are sold here. So, when you need it, you can just make an online and fast purchase. You no longer need to go in and out of auto parts stores to get genuine parts seva mobil bekas.